I have a glass canister of rocks sitting on my bathroom countertop.  They are not rocks that have been shined or polished.  They are very average looking ordinary rocks.  Some of them may even be pretty ugly.  Actually, some of them are.

My pretty glass canister is slowing filling with not so spectacular looking, just very ordinary, plain ol' rocks.  Some are large, others just teeny tiny pebbles.

So why on earth does this canister of rocks even exist?  Well you see, my boys spend a little bit of their recess every so often picking these rocks out just for me.  The rocks are chosen because to the boys the rock looked like a dinosaur, it was pretty, or it was a super duper skipping rock.

It melts my heart a little bit to know that for just a split second, long enough to bend over, every once in a while, during their favorite time of day, they stop to think of their dear ol' momma.  I never asked for any rocks.  One day Brice came home with a couple rocks and said he had picked them just for me.  When Rogan started school he just happened to carry on the tradition his brother had started.

I'll forever keep my jar of rocks.  I look forward each day to see if they say, "Hey Mom, I got something for you.  Close your eyes".  Each instance I act completely surprised and I ask them why they chose that particular rock.  I love the reasons they come up with.  Then we add it to my special jar.  Someday I may have a house full of rock jars.  Totally fine with me...I love rocks.

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