Our weekend went like this, Wednesday night Brice became ill.  No biggie, we thought it was just the stomach bug that has been making it's way through our family.  By Thursday mid morning he was in the ER with an expected appendicitis.  

He spent all day Thursday and most of Friday in the hospital being tested, scanned and treated with antibiotics.  Friday afternoon he had an appendectomy.  He was released Saturday afternoon.

Saturday night we had planned to be at the PBR (pro bull riding) event.  Our Rogan says he plans to be a bull rider and had been looking forward to going for weeks.

Fortunately, with a lot of help from family, we made it through it all.  Brice is home resting comfortably and healing from his surgery while Rogan, myself and my parents went to the PBR.  

Brice is on the mend and Rogan met his heroes.  Avenn left with my parents to spend a week in Texas.

Whew.  Never a dull moment.

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Just the Tip said...

Aww poor little boy. My 4yo has scheduled testing for Monday..which had been scheduled since November and Sunday night she was like mom my side hurts so bad. I held my breath..don't be the right...my right! Ended up just being bathroom pain I think but I'm still a little freaked out!