This happens to be my 1000th post.  I wish I was posting anything but this goodbye.  If you have been reading AM3 for a while you have read my posts about Road Trippin' Granny and how she was One Tough Cookie.

I am sad to say my grandmother passed away yesterday.  She became ill months ago and moved in with my parents while trying to regain her strength and independence.  Unfortunately, she was unable to overcome and went into the hospital in April.

The kids and I visited her the week before she was hospitalized.  She was all smiles and enjoying her time in Texas.  She told me she knew it would be time to go home when my dad packed her bags and they were sitting by the curb (proud to say sense of humor runs deep in this family).  We played dominoes and sat on the porch soaking up the sunshine.

I am so thankful she was my grandma.  She was a kindergarten teacher.  She loved to play dominoes, cards and watch westerns.  She knitted and sewed more afghans and quilts for all her kids, grandkids and great grandkids than you could imagine.  If anyone in this family ever catches a chill it is no one's fault but their own.  She loved to drive the big old boats she called cars and probably never drove past a Whataburger or Dairy Queen without stopping. She was always smiling and had a laugh I'll never forget.

I will have memories forever.  Hugs and squeezes so tight you couldn't breathe.  Watching her butcher chickens then fry them in a pan.  Gathering eggs.  Shucking corn.  Playing dominoes and Spades.  I will always remember visiting her classroom in the summers.  Bottle feeding baby calves on the farm. I will never forget walking into her pantry and seeing enough canned goods to support a small army.  She was so cool and hip she even had Facebook and email at age 86.

Grandma left us yesterday evening on Avenn's birthday.  Ironically, she left this world at the same hour Avenn entered it two years ago.  I know for sure our daughter will have a very special guardian angel on her shoulder.

Goodbye Road Trippin' Granny you sure will be missed.

 Hiking in the mountains of CO just a couple years ago
 Our last visit
 4 generations of tough cookies
Nice catch!
 Teaching my mom how to use a cell phone.
Avenn's angel

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Tiffany said...

This just breaks my heart. Grandmas are hard too lose and yours is definitely no exception. What precious memories you have of her. May God surround you and your family with His love and fill you with a peace you've never known.