It's Summertime!

Summertime is in full swing here at the Mitchell abode.  The boys started their summer off with two weeks of riding camp at two different stables.  Now that camps are complete things have slowed down a little.  They will plan to spend a week with their grandparents and hopefully we'll squeeze in a family vacation before summer ends.

The news around here lately has been the crazy Oklahoma weather.  We have managed to escape the nasty storms.  We have been very lucky.  The rain has been excessive but that is the worst we have experienced.

I finally sat down to download photos from my camera that were taken at the end of the school year and send those to the grandparents.  I have become a slacker as far as sending pictures around.  I hope the summer allows me more time to get snapshots of the kids or the grandparents may hurt me.

Next week we will be celebrating Avenn's second birthday.  How is that even possible?

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