Summer...It's Over.

It's over.  Summer is gone.  We felt like we had missed summer because our time was spent searching for a home and moving.  At the last minute we decided to load up our crew and head to Missouri.  We rented a condo on the lake and took the kids to Silver Dollar City, Dogwood Canyon and to see the sites in and around Branson.  It was last minute but turned out to be a great trip.  

We hit the road with our bearded captain at the helm...

One of our first stops was Dogwood Canyon.  A beautiful animal preserve with buffalo, elk, deer, long horn cattle and trout fishing.

 We hit the strip in Branson and visited some site seeing hot spots.

We thoroughly enjoyed our pool at the condo and the lake view.

Silver Dollar City was a lot of fun but we only took a few pictures with our phones.  We rode several water rides so I didn't haul in my camera.

 After 4 days away we hurried home to see the PBR event in Tulsa last night.

The boys are back to school on Wednesday which means schedules and alarm clocks.  Goodbye summer.  Thankful for the quick trip and the much needed break.

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