Adoption Update

Brian and I went to the hospital last night and spent some time with Avenn before she was discharged.  We helped to load her up and send her on her way to the foster family's home for the weekend.  She is in very good hands and will be the center of attention all weekend I believe.

The hearing for the termination of the birth mother's rights is set for Monday at 4 p.m.  The birth father's termination paperwork was filed yesterday with the court.  We do not attend the TPR (Termination of Parental Rights) hearing on Monday.  The hearing will include the birth mother, judge and agency social worker.  After the hearing is completed we will be notified immediately by our social worker and will meet at the agency for a commitment ceremony.  The birth parents may attend if they like.

After the TPR's have been signed and filed we will have to wait six months in Oklahoma (it varies from state to state) to finalize the adoption.  Everyone always asks when/if the birth parents can change their mind within the six months.  They can, but it is very difficult for them.  In the 30 years our agency has been placing children, twice has a birth parent returned and challenged the TPR.  In both cases the children remained with the adoptive parents.  The birth parents would have to prove to the court they had been coerced or under duress when they signed the TPR.

We hope to have Avenn in our arms by 6:30 p.m. on Monday.


Krystle said...

How exciting! I really appreciate how well you explain all of the details and how it works, We briefly looked into adoption prior to Peyton, but we were too young (I believe) for most agencies. We would like to adopt a special needs child in the future, so I like to soak up everything I can about how it works.

Congrats on your baby girl, momma!

Rachel said...

Positive vibes!

kkasun said...

Wow, just about 48 hours before you are a momma of 3! Congrats!

It Is What It Is said...

It is just so exciting to read these updates. I'm looking forward to this being us one day.

Stacey said...

I was away at camp for a week and couldn't wait to come home and check in with you. Congratulations and I look forward to hearing that she is home with you Monday night.
I do have a question though. My husband and I came to OK in the year 1999 and picked up our daughter from Muskogee. We took her straight to our hotel room from the hospital and then waited over the weekend for the birth mother to go to court. Why did we get to take our daughter with us and Avenn has to go to a foster placement? Is it because ours was a private adoption done through lawyers? I just find it odd that in the same state there are different rules.
So excited for you!!!!! :)

Adoption Services said...

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