Goin' Huntin'

We live in Oklahoma so we do not use "g" on the end of our words, hence the title of this post and the purposeful spellin' throughout.

Today, Rogan and I went huntin'...at Bass Pro.
Rogan is a boot wearin', tractor lovin' outdoorsman.  He was in heaven today at Bass Pro.  We walked in the front door into the entry way he stopped spun around and said, "oh wow".  He was in awe.  (Note: this was not our first trip to Bass Pro, far from it actually, it just happened to be the first time he took notice.)

He picked up a toy gun and started shootin' at the taxidermy animals.  We walked around for an hour and a half while he said, "Freeze bear!" "Freeze wolf'!"  "Freeze deer!" Rogan, the great hunter would then put em' out of their misery.

Afterward he would say, "got em momma".  We even found some animal tracks. Of course they were incorporated into the concrete floor decor but it didn't matter.  He was trackin' his prey.
We took a break from huntin' to drive a few boats and ATV's.
As we we were headed out the door to the parkin' lot, Rogan said, "thanks mom, thanks momma".  He had a big time.  I am not sure I have ever had so much fun at Bass Pro.

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