A few of us have been sharing some of the CRAZY stuff people will say to you when you have a child who does not necessarily "match" your family.  We have had our share of crazies and their crazy comments.  I have blogged about the sales lady at Macy's who asked if Rogan was mine.  I have also told you about the ladies at the grocery store who ask if my husband is dark complected.  I would have to say the strangest thing that has happened to me and it has nothing to do with adoption actually, was when a large group of Asian students walked by us as we waited for Brice's speech appointment at the University of Tulsa.  Two girls from the group stopped and asked me if they could take a photo of Avenn because they had never seen a "white" baby before.  Uh huh...that really happened.

Oh man people have a lot of nerve.  Be ready for it.



Melinda said...

Oh lovely. We've had a taste of this (as you know) but I'm sure it just keeps getting better and better...lol

It Is What It Is said...

OMG, dumbfounded. What did you say/do?

Mike and Katie said...

That one is really out there because I thought Avenn had a little bit of color in her.

People often ask, "Where did you adopt them from?" And tell about their own families' or friends' adoption story.

Adoptive Momma said...

I am embarrassed to admit I was so caught off guard I just sort of uttered an uh huh. Click click and a few oohs and aaahs and they were gone. They meant no harm but it was just weirdorama!

Avenn is pretty fair complected. Her coloring is very similar to Brice. We get the same "where are they from?" questions and have heard many adoption stories shared by others too :)