Spring Break

I picked Brice up from school yesterday and he said, "Woo hoo I'm free!"  He is officially on spring break.  Today I will spend my day hanging with all three of the kids and packing so we can leave for Sea World soon.

Brian and I returned from a quick trip to Florida on Tuesday which left a couple of days for laundry catch up and to repack for San Antonio.  Brian and I spent our days watching the St. Louis Cardinals play spring baseball and enjoying the beach.  It was very relaxing and a wonderful getaway.
We woke up to this view everyday and could hear the waves crash from our balcony.
 We sat on the second row behind home plate.  I could practically reach out and tap the players on the shoulder while they waited on deck.  Chipper Jones waiting for his turn at the plate.
 #55 Skip Schumaker is one of my favorite Cardinals.  He's rather cute and I certainly enjoyed my up close and personal view each time he came up to bat.
 Mark McGwire and my favorite former Cardinal Jimmy Edmonds watching from the dugout.
 Jaime Garcia was the starting pitcher that day.  The Cardinals won in the bottom of the ninth 5-4.
We came home to these three turkeys and believe it or not we missed them very much.  They enjoyed staying home with their grandparents while we were gone.  
Guess who decided she's ready to crawl?  She is working hard and is very close to becoming mobile.

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S.I.F. said...

Oh what I wouldn't give for a spring break!! And she is getting so big! I can't believe it!

Have a blast at Sea World - I love that place!