What We've Been Up To

 Avenn continues to be happy and the sweetest girl around.
She's more interested in her feet than much of anything else.
 Rogan is still hunting everyday.  
He hunts pheasants and brings them to me to cook for dinner.
 Avenn finally got to wear her big fuzzy jacket.
 I attempted to get pictures of all three kids together.  
This is the best one if that tells you anything.  
 Brice had his second horse show and won a second place ribbon.
He could not have more proud and neither could we.
That is what we have been up to.

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April said...

I have a tough time getting a good picture of my three too. I didn't feel so bad this December when the portrait photographer had just as much trouble as me. When my youngest was Avenn's age, the best way to get all three kids in a photo together was by having them lay on the floor or bed with their heads together.