It's Gone!

Brian and Brice got up this morning and walked across the driveway to Brian's truck.  On their way back across the driveway they noticed something. Something was different. Something didn't seem quite right.

Um, my car was gone.  They didn't have to walk around my very large SUV because it was gone.  Vanished.  Disappeared.  Apparently someone decided they needed it more than we did so they took it.

It's a very odd feeling to walk outside and notice your car is gone.  I really liked my SUV.  We all fit into it.  We could travel and still have a little wiggle room.  I miss my Armada.

Fortunately, we have insurance.  We actually sort of hope they do not locate my car and if they do that it is totaled.  Who would want their vehicle returned after someone has gone who knows where and done who knows what with it.  Not me. I assume if someone is bold enough to sneak into a family friendly neighborhood and steal a large car right out from under our noses they are most likely not going to use it to deliver meals to the elderly.

I really don't want it now.  They can have it.

Thank goodness for insurance and rental car coverage.

BOLO (that's police lingo for be on the lookout) for my 2008 Silver Nissan Armada.  It has 3 car seats in the rear and my brand new stroller in the back. Okie tags. Zoo pass sticker on the windshield. Dang thieves.  


Krystle said...

How awful. I think that's the worst thing ever, to steal something that someone else worked for. I agree that if they find it, i'd be afraid to even drive it. Who knows what they did to it! It's just not entirely safe for the kiddo's. I'm glad you have insurance though. How long do they give you, like until they pay out, if they can't locate it?

It Is What It Is said...

That is the worst thing I heard today.

We have friends that have b/g twins and their Escalade was stolen out of the local Target parking lot with both car seats, double stroller, and the two new exersaucers they'd just purchased and locked in the car while they did more shopping. Police did find their car, stripped, and insurance paid to have it restored vs. totaled. They have it back but it is so not the same for them.

It just plain sucks and isn't right.

Adoptive Momma said...

30 days...I think. I was unable to speak to an adjuster just a claims rep because of the holiday. I will find out more info tomorrow.

Mike and Katie said...

Sheesh! At least they could have taken the car seats out first...

We haven't even let my eldest take our van because if he got in any kind of accident with all the carseats, we wouldn't be able to go any where until they got replaced.

What a disappointmnet in humanity.

Denver Laura said...

Speaking from experience...

When my car was stolen, I was living in a crack neighborhood. The police said it was probably a 15 year old. They took prints but never got him. He broke my passenger side window and popped the ignition with a screwdriver. He turned down the interior lighting and changed the radio station. I think I felt more violated by the realization that somebody I didn't know had been sitting in my driver's seat.

When I finally got it back (they had to replace the entire steering column), every time I shut the door glass fell out. Also I had them repaint the door. I had issues with the paint job on the car already but the falling glass had chipped the newly painted door. The door leaked so badly that I ended up drilling holes in the floorboards so the standing water in my car could drain. No wonder my allergic asthma acted up every time I got into my moldy car.

Oh yeah, and all of the work was done at the dealership where I bought my car.

If you do get your car back, fight the insurance for every little thing. Even when they say no.

My insurance didn't cover a rental so I was out of transportation for 2.5 weeks. I have always said that if the crackhead had knocked on my door and said he was taking my car or I could give him $100 and drive him home that I would probably have taken him home to save me all of the PITA I went through with the insurance company lol.