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I receive the following emails through an adoption list serv.  I do not have personal experience with the agencies or facilitators.  Please practice due diligence and research the postings.

NEEDING a Family --- Code: TAKEYSHA – July 2011

Name & Due Date: Takeysha – July 2011
Sex (If Known): BOY
Race: BM is Caucasian/AA – BF is AA
Location: Mid-South Region - AR, KS, MO, TX -
Health: She is in great health. She doesn't drink, smoke, or use any kind of drug.
Other Info: She wants a family with NO CHILDREN! She wants an open adoption. She is young and is not ready to start a family. BF will not be an issue.
Total Estimated Fees: $ $ 13,000 - $ 16,000 (depending on Legal)
Case Worker: l

We would like to get her matched by the end of the week.

We are working with several birth mothers and are looking for families to match them with. – If you are interested and paper ready Email Sarah <sarahjdalia @ gmail.com> or Adam <adambodily @ gmail.com> (No spaces)

You may also go to our webpage WWW.Adoptionadvertising.org, download the adoptive parent intake form, fill it out and email it to adambodily @ gmail.com (No spaces). (NO SPACES) Adam will call you after he gets the intake from the web page. It is important email Adam or Sarah because the link from our web site is not working at this time.

Kathy Finch kathrynmfinch@hotmail.com
"Adoption Advertising" Adoption Administrative Assistant

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