Questions You Should Ask

When interviewing an adoption agency, facilitator, or adoption attorney you should ask questions, a lot of questions.  Meeting with your adoption facilitator can be overwhelming and you may forget to ask the questions you wanted.  It is always very helpful to make a list.  I wanted to help you with this and possibly assemble additional questions you may not have considered.  Here are a few resources to assist you:

Adoptive Families: What to Ask Before Choosing An Adoption Agency
The Adoption Agency Checklist
Questions to Ask When You're Choosing An Adoption Agency
Adoption Facilitators
Choosing An Adoption Facilitator
Choosing An Adoption Attorney
Selecting An Adoption Agency or Attorney

My blog has gained several new followers in the recent weeks so I decided to post some of my most popular posts including information that would be helpful to those beginning their adoption journey.  Thank you for reading AM2 and I hope you find my blog helpful.  If I can ever answer any questions please email me at adoptivemomma2@yahoo.com or send me any requests for topics you would like researched and blogged about.  Oftentimes, I have already gathered the information and I have resources to share.  

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Taryn said...

Thank you for posting this! My husband & I are just now starting to gather info about different agencies. We are meeting with one in a few weeks & I've been meaning to start working on my list of questions.