You Want to Help Joplin?

Many have emailed and messaged me asking how can they help?  I received this message from an AM2 follower and wanted to pass it on...

From an AM2 Follower and resident of Joplin.  How can you help?  Read on....

On May 22, 2011 an EF5 tornado devastated my hometown of Joplin, Missouri.

When I say “my hometown” – Joplin is the place where I went to school from elementary through my Bachelor’s Degree. It is where I currently work and own a home.

When I say “devastated”, it is not an over statement. It was the deadliest recorded tornado in U.S. history. One-third of my hometown was leveled in just a few minutes. The tornado tore through residential and business areas and destroyed our main hospital. I drive down the streets and don’t know where I am because there are no street signs, no landmarks, and no recognizable houses – there are just piles of debris. The grief is nearly unbearable and I was one of the luck ones. We did not lose our house and our close friends and family are safe.

I am contacting you because I am asking for your help. Hundreds of families lost everything including many of our friends who lost their homes, their belongings, and their jobs.

I am asking each of you to make a donation. Big or small – whatever you can afford.

Here are some good organizations to consider:

Children’s Haven – emergency shelter for children

Independent Living Center – organization that helps people with disabilities

Joplin Humane Society – currently providing temporary shelter & vet services for displaced animals

Joplin Habitat for Humanity – rebuild houses

American Red Cross (Make sure you designate Joplin if you donate to ARC)

If you want to collect and send items rather than give a monetary donation, you can mail it to the above organizations or to me and I will get the items out. If you and your workplace or church would like to sponsor a specific family, I can get you the names and info for that too.

Thank you,
Kimberly Fisher

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