Welcome to Adoption!

I "know" several people who have been matched and became parents for the first time lately.  When I say I "know" them...well the majority are people who I have "met" through blogging.  So I have never actually laid eyes on them in real life but I know their stories and have corresponded with them through email and shared our experiences and answered their questions.  One family I do "know" actually I know the adoptive mother because we went to high school together and she is a great person so I know her husband must be too.

I have to tell you when I hear of families coming together through adoption I get excited.  When my high school friend Joanna posted they were in Florida picking up their son you could not have smacked the smile off of my face.  I immediately emailed her and sent my congratulations.  In November of last year Joanna had contacted me and said they were going to adopt.  She had some questions and concerns and we spent quite a bit of time going back and forth via email.

I believe I get so excited for these "newbies" because I remember it.  I remember vividly when we met our son six years ago.  The first adoption is a little special.  The feeling is like nothing you have ever experienced.  The flood of emotions, the joy, the relief, it all comes back when you know someone else is experiencing it too.

Now, I am not saying I was not as excited the second and third time we adopted.  The first time is just different.  You sort of know what to expect the second and/or third time around.  The first time you have just been engulfed by a sea of love for the child you thought you may never get a chance to hold in your arms.  It is amazing.  Finally becoming a parent after so much waiting is indescribable.  You never have the chance to become a parent for the first time again.

For those of you still waiting and reading this post with a hint of envy...I pray your wait is short.  I hope your time is getting near.  My advice to you would be when the time comes, savor it.  Take notes, write a journal, take pictures, you will always want to remember it and when you hear about others getting their chance it will all come flooding back.

Congratulations to those who recently became parents.  I know exactly what you are feeling.


Anonymous said...

You're a great example!!!


April said...

My sentiments exactly. Our first adoption was thrilling for us and all those who waited along with us.

Jenn said...

Thank's, the last month has been a wild ride, but I love being a mom!:)