Missed Call

We drove to Oklahoma City yesterday.  When we arrived home, I instinctively checked the missed calls on our home phone.  It is a habit I have developed since we became parents in waiting.  Our answering machine bit the dust a long time ago and we never replaced it, maybe we should.

We had a missed call.  A call from our adoption agency.  On a Sunday afternoon.  Why would they call on a Sunday afternoon?  They did not call our cell phones.  They have our cell phone numbers but they did not call them.  What could they want?  Do we need to update paperwork?  Have we been chosen again?

I called them back.  I spoke to the  answering service and left a message.  I was told they would return our call as soon as possible or during business hours today.  Nothing yet.

Dang caller id.

Missed calls can be torture.  Parents in waiting can take a missed call pretty seriously.  We can get ourselves all worked up over nothing.

Or maybe it's something....


julie & joe said...

I missed a call last spring to take a new born to foster. I was so sad that I didn't haev my phone on me to answer the call.

J said...

Praying you were chosen again. I'm on pins and needles.

Amy said...

I totally know what you mean! We waited almost 3 years and if I forgot my cell phone EVER I was frantic! 3 years of being tied to the phone, hoping, praying...now we are no longer tied to a phone! What a releif!! Good luck...waiting to hear what they wanted.