Latest Happenings

Little Missy is 5 months old as of yesterday.  She is getting big although I am not sure exactly how much she weighs because she has not been to the doctor in a month.  She has outgrown all of her 0-3 mos and 3 mos clothing. She is not yet rolling over but will be soon.  I believe we are starting to teeth although I cannot be sure.  She drools nonstop and wants to chew on anything and everything.  She recognizes our faces and definitely her bottle.  She is able to grasp and hold items and bring them to her mouth.  I have not started her on solid foods I generally wait until about 6 months of age.  I might be a little bit biased but I am also certain she continues to get prettier everyday.

Getting older but not any prettier...me!  Today was Anna day and those who know me know I am very obnoxious about my birthday.  I am not fearful of getting older and I say bring on 35!  It's my day and I want you to know it.

I had a pretty great day despite not feeling the best.  Crazy weather in Oklahoma freezing temperatures one day and spring like temperatures the next have wreaked havoc on our sinuses.

We had electricians here most of the day today installing outdoor outlets for Christmastime.  Clark W. Griswold (a.k.a my dear husband Brian) can get a little carried away with his outdoor holiday illumination.  You may remember last year his lighting display used so much electrical energy that I caused a minor blackout by turning on the television and running the vacuum cleaner.  After last year's power surges and blown fuses I made him promise he would have additional outlets installed.  Of course my request was not met with much resistance because it means more power!  Great.  Looking forward to this year's lights.  Hoping no small planes attempt to land in our front yard.  Stay tuned.


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