Waiting Child

I receive the following emails through an adoption list serv.  I do not have personal experience with the agencies or facilitators.  Please practice due diligence and research the postings.

I am working with a young woman who is expecting a baby girl due at the end
of January, in Washington State. She and the father are Marshallese, and
have been in the US since 2009. They are raising two children together, and
are very committed to this adoption. The expectant mother is healthy, but is
a carrier of the Hep B virus (as are many from the Marshall Islands). Her
doctor has said she has no complicating factors, and the baby will be given
the appropriate vaccination and any other required treatment at birth.

I have worked with this young woman before, as she previously made and
carried out an adoption plan through my office. Please contact me if you are
paper-ready and SERIOUSLY interested.


Linda E. F. Lach
Attorney at Law


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