3 Year Old Twin Boys Need Family

I receive the following emails through an adoption list serv.  I do not have personal experience with the agencies or facilitators.  Please practice due diligence and research the postings.

Today I was visiting with our social worker and she ask me to pass on some info about twin boys! They are in Texas in CPS or CYF(dunno what its called down here). One twin has down syndrome the other has CP. They both are talking and walking. They also both have feeding tubes but do not use them and should be without within the year. She really wants to see these kids adopted as do I. The boys case worker says NO LARGE FAMILIES! Shame on him. They live in a foster home or group home with 12 kids. He considers large more than 5. I am hoping he changes his mind, but thought I should put it in there. Also there are no fees to adopt these boys. Please consider this and if it is the right situation for you you can contact Tanya Houk of Gladney in fort worth texas.  Her number is 817-922-6000

Be blessed

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Maru said...

Oh, my, just seeing this now... Do you have any news on this situation? I know someone who might be interested.