As a stay at home mom, I miss very little in my children's lives.  I hear almost every disagreement, see them wrestle each other to the ground to sit on the other's chest to torture them.  You may remember this recent post.  As an only child, I missed out on this trauma sibling love.

Every once in a while I see them forming their brotherly bond.  I hope they will be close.  I pray they will grow up being best buds, taking care of each other.

Today, instead of laughing at his brother for being klutzy Brice helped his little brother up after he fell down.  He gave him a hug and patted him on the back asking him if he was okay.

As if this wasn't enough for me to beam with pride and feel that I may be doing something right as their mother Brice took the opportunity to invite his brother to sit down and listen while he showed him a book about crocodiles.  I was even included.  Brice told us both to sit on the floor while he sat in a chair towering over us teaching us about crocs.  Showing us the pictures and explaining that the babies ride in the mommy crocodile's mouth into the water.

(On a recent museum trip, Brice teaching his brother about dinosaurs)

I am so thankful for the opportunity to see my boys grow and walk through their phases of childhood.  I am thankful their birth mothers chose life.  I am thankful their birth mothers chose us to be the parents of their baby boys.

Excuse me, this blissful moment of motherhood has passed.  I hear an argument ensuing over a helicopter.  Back to the real world of mom/referee.


shelley said...

it never fails when that sweet moment happens that makes you smile and feel good is quickly followed by one of them crying and the fight is on!! love this post!

Penelope said...

I knew I wanted my kids close in age but wow potty training and diapers at one time yikes! My boys are just now starting to play together and I love it! Of course the fight breaks out when the docile younger one gets tired of being pushed around by his bossy older brother. The question is do we need to add a 3rd one to the mix???