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I receive the following emails through an adoption list serv.  I do not have personal experience with the agencies or facilitators.  Please practice due diligence and research the postings.
LOOKING FOR a Family to adopt an Afro American Girl Due April 2011 --- Code: EBONY
Name & Due Date: Ebony – April 2011
Sex (If Known): Girl
Race: Afro American
Location: Mid-South Region - AR, KS, OK, TX
Health: She does smoke and has used Marijuana - she drank before she found out she was pregnant but stopped when she found out. She is healthy.
Other Info: Would like an OPEN adoption. 
Total Estimated Fees: $ 15,000 - $ 17,000
Case Worker: l

IF YOU ARE PAPER READY AND INTERESTED, please contact Sarah sarahjdalia@gmail.com (sarahjdalia @ gmail.com - No spaces) or Adamadambodily@gmail.com (adambodily @ gmail.com - No spaces)

We are looking for families to match with our birth mothers.

****NOTE**** We have many Hispanic, Afro American and Biracial situations. We are working with several birth mothers and are looking for families to match them with. – If you are interested and paper ready Email Sarah sarahjdalia@gmail.com (sarahjdalia @ gmail.com - No spaces) or Adamadambodily@gmail.com (adambodily @ gmail.com - No spaces)

You may also go to our webpage WWW.Adoptionadvertising.org, download the adoptive parent intake form, fill it out and email it to adambodily@gmail.com(adambodily @ gmail.com - NO SPACES) Adam will call you after he gets the intake from the web page. It is important that you also email Adam or Sarah because the link from our web site that sends us your intake is not always reliable.

OTHER NEEDS – Right now we need UTAH families that are interested in adopting AA children. 

Kathy Finch kathrynmfinch@hotmail.com
"Adoption Advertising" Adoption Administrative Assistant
LXS is a boy born January 2005. He is currently living in a foster family that includes a mother, father, and older sister. His foster dad is his favorite person and he doesn't have any pets at home. His favorite things to do are kick balls, watch TV and dance. His favorite animal is a rabbit and bananas are his favorite food. His caregivers say that his eyes are the only thing affected by his special need (low brain density) and they dart back and forth. He can see about 10 feet in front of him, but can't see very clearly beyond that distance. They also say that he has normal mental development compared to other children his same age. There is no fee or obligation to see his whole file contact FamilyFinders@wacap.org
His ID: JH5.LXS.0105.31309.01 and he is part of the Special Focus group.
1.Who can adopt: SINGLE women and couples may adopt & there is no fee to receive the complete file.
2.Financial Aid: For qualifying families, total adoption costs may be reduced up to $9,450 for this child (including reduced WACAP fees, WACAP Promise Child grants, orphanage donation reductions, waived application fees etc.) 
3.Tax Credit: Please ask about the over $13,000 in adoption tax credit/refund and about private grants to apply for.
4.Exceptions:Couples can easily get exceptions if they do not meet the requirements to adopt from China
5.Options:Please ask if you want to adopt 2 children at the same time or if you would like to reuse your dossier
6.Contact: FamilyFinders@wacap.org or Ckids@wacap.org or call 1-800-732-1887 WACAP (www.wacap.org) is a non-profit adoption agency.

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