When you are a family in waiting you have to let your social worker/agency/facilitator know whenever you will be traveling, providing them with contact information.  You never know when the call is going to come in.

We have booked our trip to Disney.  We made sure all travel arrangements are refundable or transferrable. I notified our agency we would be out of state for a week, making sure they had all our numbers.

Of course they have our numbers, they have had all our numbers for over 5 years.

I received an email response from the local social worker letting me know the information was appreciated and she would not hesitate to interrupt our trip if necessary.

That is all I needed to hear.  A slight glimmer of hope.  A little reassurance we are not out there twisting in the wind.

Knowing your agency has not forgotten about you means the world. We all know they would not forget us, but it is nice to hear.

Keeps us motivated, reassures us it is just a matter of time.

Now, my focus is turning to how to keep a 2 year old happy on an airplane.  I will be packing a backpack of snacks, activities and time occupiers.

I am not sure which is more anxiety producing...waiting to be matched or air travel with kids.  It's a toss up.

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Andrea said...

Have Fun!
we love Disney!