Back to the Real World

Our week away was fantastic.  We started out a little rough with our plane ride to Florida.  Two year olds were not meant to fly.  We were able to make him happier and more comfortable (on Mom's lap) for the trip home which was smooth sailing.

We stayed a week at "Mickey Mouse's house" according to our boys. They loved it.  Although we may have traveled a couple thousand miles and their favorite parts of the trip were the hotel playground and swimming pool.  Oh and Brice loved the chocolate ice cream.  He ate chocolate ice cream everyday.  Our skinny bean pole of a child might have packed on a few pounds.  As did those of us who didn't need to.

Brice loved meeting all the characters and getting his photo taken with his favorite movie stars.  Rogan was happy to stand back and see the stars from afar.  We rode rides, saw animals, dinosaurs, Disney favorites and traveled on planes, trains and automobiles.

The boys were great.  They did well waiting in the lines and riding the shuttle buses from here there and everywhere.

We slept in our own beds last night.  A real treat.

We came home to an almost finished kitchen renovation. We have dust all over and some work is left to be done this week but it is looking good.  I cannot wait to post some before and after photos.

Hope everyone is enjoying their spring break.  We came home to freezing temps and dreary weather.  We sure looked silly stepping off the plane in our shorts and flip flops.  We are back to sweat pants and sweatshirts.

The laundry has piled up and Brian is back in the office today.  We are back to the real world.  Vacation over.

In case you do not follow me on Facebook here are a few of our photos...

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